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Why Newgrounds is shit

2013-08-05 11:27:50 by LafyKid

Forums like Animation, Art, Audio, Writing, Collaboration, Flash and Programming are dead as shit, most recent posts from hours ago, days ago even. The forums that you would expect to be the most active, the Animation forum on the flash animation site or the Programming and Flash forums on a site composed of many Flash games, the Audio forum for composers and voice actors and the Collaboration forums so that people of many skillsets and such to get together and make something great, Writing for the people who can make excellent scripts for people to use and create an artistic vision, all dead.

But somehow General is always active. The most intellectually devoid forum on this website, filled with irrelevant topics about tablets and 'hi guise wat broser dos u use' is the forum with the most blood pumping through it. Most of the people who contribute to General either don't contribute to anything but General or whatever it is they make is subpar. So you would figure those people who go and ask for help in the actual productive forums, but no.

Yo for real

2013-07-21 09:39:49 by LafyKid

If you make minecraft parodies, you deserve to be killed.

Ban Week 2013

2013-07-14 21:38:00 by LafyKid

Has started.


2013-04-20 11:06:48 by LafyKid

why didn't I see this earlier? coulda told a n***a



2013-04-04 18:19:53 by LafyKid

So Newgrounds can afford to give away 100 dollars a month but they still have support buttons?

"Everyone give us money so we can give it to someone else!"

Hey yo

2013-03-16 08:38:33 by LafyKid

Check my dude's SwankyVagrant shit out, shits cool.


2013-02-06 17:39:29 by LafyKid

Everyone on Newgrounds is entirely too serious about trivial shit.

I think they should just completely delete the Members block of forums, save Where is/How to?

Peter Parker died today

2012-12-27 00:51:20 by LafyKid


We sprite a day,
you watch,
fuck bitches,
get money.


Rock me like a hurricane.